About Us

The Machine Tek Story


stearman320Machine Tek had its beginnings in 1984 in the basement of Tim Paul. He wanted a place where he could build anything. ‘Anything’ must be interpreted to include airplanes, especially the Stearman that he was first introduced to in the 1970s when he was directed to an aged barn in Mississippi. There he found an old beat up Stearman, once a military trainer, now largely a pile of parts in boxes and bins. But Paul saw a show plane; a beautifully restored and functional piece of history and proceeded to invest his savings into making that vison into a reality. Though he lost that particular plane in a fire in the ’90s, that was not the end. He loves flying and even more, he loves the mechanical things that make flying possible. The nuts, bolts, cables, and wires that, when put together, make an airplane, are what lie behind the Machine Tek story of success. A love for building combined with a desire to have a shop of his own is how Machine Tek began.

After a few years, he moved out of his home and eventually built his current facility in 1988. An owner and operator of a Stearman airplane for decades now, Tim still flies. If fact, when you enter his office, you will be greeted by a photo of him in his yellow and red Stearman hanging on the wall.

machtek-aeriel2-320…and now

Machine Tek is your solution for made-to-order and high volume products manufactured in quantities from 1 to 1,000,000.

Machine Tek Systems, Inc. has bar stock capacity of 1/4″ diameter to 2-1/4″ diameter. We can machine all shapes and types of materials. Our multiple spindle automatics give us the capability to handle larger run quantities, while our CNC machine centers are the heart of our secondary department. We have complete in-house tooling capabilities. Please review our list of equipment and components we’ve manufactured for many industries which include aerospace, automotive, nuclear as well as the government.